Real Estate by the Numbers: January – August 2009

One of the primary reasons that our firm has implemented its blog is to provide timely information to our customers and the general public regarding this area’s residential market trends and activity.

 Previously, this information has been difficult for the public to obtain.  John Erskine, an American educator, once said that “Opinion is that exercise of the human will which helps us to make a decision without information”.  As Realtors, we would much prefer to have our customers make buying and selling decisions after being fully educated and informed.

 To that end, the following information is being offered for your review.


A Snake in the Grass

There once was a REALTOR who became overly aggressive.

You might say their desire to win became strangely obsessive.

For many a year they blended right in,

for it was difficult to tell foe from friend.

In the end the truth came around

for there was no hiding that rattling sound.

People will see just who you are,

and being a snake never gets you too far.

Thinking Pink!

Looks like there's big doings on the Square this weekend!
Looks like there’s big doings on the Square this weekend!

How to tell something big is about to happen downtown…….watch the fountain!

Breast Friends for Life is hosting Paint the Town Pink tomorrow morning.

Find out all the details at the LaGrange Chamber website right here! Thanks to Tracy Spinks for the awesome photo!

Paddle by and get your flyer!

Ben Yates has sent in some photos from a listing we have on West Point Lake!

If you’re interested in what this house looks like on the nice, dry, warm and cozy interior….you can find out here.

Roy Spinks, Roving Weather Reporter.

Today this little gem appeared in my Outlook inbox: “A little water is a sea to an ant.”

 It’s not just the ants, buddy.

 Right now I am looking out the window at a beautiful blue sky. Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and there is something about the light in late September that just makes the same blue sky we have in spring, summer and winter seem prettier than usual.

 This has not been the case lately.


Just fax it.

“Just fax it.” 

Those were the words that began the technological revolution for me.  While certainly not as poignant as the sentence spoken forty years ago by the Apollo 11 crew, “Tranquility base here.  The Eagle has landed.”, this phrase has nevertheless been a milestone as our company navigated the increasing barrage of technological opportunities available.

 The year was 1987.  Our firm was developing an industrial building in the LaGrange Industrial Park for a new industry relocating to LaGrange from California.  One of the company executives, wanting to see how their proposed new facility would lay out on the site, called and requested a copy of the siteplan.   Eager to oblige, I responded that the plan would be in the mail that day and to please allow three days for delivery.

 At this point, he uttered those unforgettable words, “Just fax it.”  “Certainly”, I replied without hesitation. 


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