LaGrange Georgia Office

LaGrange Office 2

1111 Mooty Bridge Rd.

LaGrange, GA 30240
toll free 800-537-4663
tel 706-884-5681
fax 706-884-6524

The mission statement of Coldwell Banker Spinks Brown Durand REALTORS is to operate as a diversified real estate brokerage, relocation, appraisal, and development services in a professional and competent manner to the West Georgia and East Alabama areas.

We operate two offices, one in LaGrange and one in West Point.  We have approximately 25 licensed brokers and sales associates.

Education and on-going training are high priorities for Coldwell Banker Spinks Brown Durand REALTORS.   Our relocation department is committed to serving the needs of transferees.  Our long standing involvement in the community that we serve allows us to be helpful in all aspects of a newcomer’s move and to make the relocation experience a positive one.

LaGrange Sales Associates

Regenia Andrews

C: 706-333-9698
O: 706-884-5681

Ashlyn Baker

C: 3342769499
O: 7068845681

Madison Blackwell

C: 706-298-1992
O: 706-884-5681

Jack Brown

C: 706-881-6886
O: 706-884-5681

Kim Burch

C: 7069572256
O: 7068845681

Deanna Crawford

C: 7708805988
O: 7068845681

Dan Durand

C: 706-883-3487
O: 706-884-5681

Cindy Fulks

C: 706-302-0108
O: 706-884-5681

Kathy Golden

C: 706-302-1245
O: 706-884-5681

Arch Hodges

C: 3347037246
O: 7068845681

John Hughes

C: 706-416-0144
O: 706-884-5681

Jane Johnson

C: 706-333-1817
O: 706-884-5681

Isabelle Knight

C: 706-333-3133
O: 706-884-5681

Ron Martin

C: 706-881-0126
O: 706-884-5681

Alisa Matheny

C: 7065946344
O: 7068845681

Darby Pippin

C: 706-523-1683
O: 706-884-5681

James Potts

C: 706-588-8850
O: 706-884-5681

Kathy Rogers

C: 706-302-0458
O: 706-884-5681

Harris Satterfield

C: 7068452727
O: 7068845681

Tracy Spinks

C: 706-333-8777
O: 706-884-5681

Katherine Stanford

C: 7065945333
O: 7068845681

Travis Strickland

C: 7068812419
O: 7068845681

Judy Thomason

C: 706-884-5681
O: 706-884-5681

Ben Yates

C: 706-333-1122
O: 706-884-5681

Laurie Yates

C: 7063331616
O: 7068845681

Bill Young

C: 706-333-9090
O: 706-884-5681

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