Decorating a Small Home to Create More Space

Decorating a Small Home to Create More Space

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Working with a small living space can be a tricky scenario for new homeowners, especially more established couples who have accumulated a great deal furniture, accents and other personal keepsakes. But before home buying remorse sets in, new owners should consider some common decorating tips that can allow them to maximize the space they have and avoid feeling crowded or cramped.

To begin, it’s important that homeowners conduct a thorough review all the items they own and go through the painful elimination process. Try to weed out appliances, clothing, accessories and other items that haven’t been used in years and are taking up precious space, Daily Finance suggests. This first step is usually the most difficult and once homeowners have gotten rid of burdensome items, they begin organizing their living space to create a more open home environment.

Use storage space appropriately

Bookcases and shelves have a multitude of uses, and using them creatively can not only save homeowners space, but provide a decorative piece to the home. For example, bookcases can be used to store DVDs, CDs, pictures, artwork, sculptures, vases and other trinkets and heirlooms. Homeowners may also transfer floor plants to bookcases to add a splash of color to the room.

In addition, building shelves in cluttered areas can also provide more storage for households at minimal costs. If individuals have bulky entertainment centers that are bare and is primarily used to hold the television, consider selling it and mounting the TV to the wall to create additional space.

Rely on wall and ceiling space

In rooms like the kitchen, wall and ceiling space can provide ample room for homeowners to hang pots and pans and hanging fruit and vegetable baskets, giving them more counter and cabinet space. In addition, spice racks, storage jars and utensil holders can help individuals organize their kitchen tools and keep their counters de-cluttered. Similar to using bookcases to store decorative items, homeowners might also consider investing in an open food carts and organizers.

Don’t be afraid to hide

When it comes to storing seasonal clothing, decorations or trinkets, keeping these items under the bed can save homeowners a significant amount of space. The same holds true for closets and other nooks and crannies in a home, Daily Finance reports. It’s also a good idea to purchase shoe racks and organizing cabinets for bedroom spaces to remove these items from the floor.

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