Does your house say “Love Me?”

Does your house say “Love Me?”

It’s Valentine’s Day! Romance is everywhere, in the air, all around, all over town. So what would be more applicable to a real estate blog than the topic of romantic houses?

 Like this:

The Edgar Fripp Home

It took me a while to come up with a house I felt was “romantic,” but I have been reading Pat Conroy recently, and this house was in the movie version of The Great Santini. It is known as The Edgar Fripp House and located in Beaufort, SC. The Edgar Fripp House was also used as the home of Kevin Kline and Glenn Close in The Big Chill. Come to think of it, neither of those movies would be high on a Valentine’s Movie Marathon, but the house is beautiful nevertheless.

 Is your house romantic? Do you need some inspiration? Then check out this list of America’s Top Ten Most Romantic Homes. Personally, I am rooting for Atlanta’s “Belle of the South” simply because of the cabbage rose carpeting! See what you think!

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