I Want to Be a Real Estate Agent When I Grow Up…

I Want to Be a Real Estate Agent When I Grow Up…


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I want to be a real estate agent when I grow up” is probably not what many little children say.  As Halloween approached and now has passed, I observed the costumes of the local children. Some were fictional characters; some were animals, while others represented various careers. If you ask a young child what he or she wants to be when they grow up, you can be sure you will get a variety of answers ranging from teacher, ballerina, football player, and even ninja. Some of these “career choices” are made evident in the costumes. However, I don’t recall seeing even one costume resembling that of a real estate agent.

I began to ponder this Halloween season why people decide to enter the real estate field. If little children do not aspire to be one, then when does that decision happen? 

I was given a picture of one our current agents during a Halloween promotion that our company held many years ago. Looking at how successful he has become and what a valuable asset he is to our company, I can only wonder how many times he said as a little child “I want to be a real estate agent when I grow up.” His father was and still is in the real estate field so as a child he may have decided a little earlier than most to enter the field. However, in the picture, he was not dressed as an agent, but rather a clown.

I decide to ask our agents why they decided on the field. Below are a few responses.

We kept getting transferred, 3 times in one year, so I decided I needed to take a Real Estate Course to learn more.

I had just closed my store (S&H Green Stamp store) and I needed a job. My friend Mary Ann had just passed her real estate test. I took the test and passed it, so here I am.  I have never regretted it.

I was buying investment properties and liked the business and decide to go into real estate as a career.  All of my other job offers at that time I entered the Real Estate industry required me to move out of town.  Never looked back since 1983.

I wanted to help people find their dream home.

As I received the responses, I saw a multitude of reasons ranging from desire to know more about the process, to a friend’s encouragement, to a love of the business, and simply helping others. We have dedicated agents here to assist you. Agents who have a true desire to be in the business can be found at Coldwell Banker Spinks Brown Durand.

Whether they ever said as a child, “I want to be a real estate agent when I grow up”, they have certainly said as an adult, “I want to be YOUR real estate agent.” Call us today for a dedicated and experience Realtor to help you.

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