Maybe statues would be cooler than plaques?

Maybe statues would be cooler than plaques?

One of my favorite holidays is coming in three days. Not St. Patrick’s Day. Not Easter. Not even Girl Scout Day. (That’s the 12th. I looked it up. Have you bought your cookies yet? It’s not March without Thin Mints.)

 The big day this weekend is…




…THE OSCARS. That’s right, I am the annoying person who actually cuts out the Academy Awards ballots and wants you to fill them out. In fact, right now, I want you to guess who has won the most Oscars ever in the history of the Academy Awards and I will tell you the answer at the end of this post. (Hint: Not Jack Nicholson, although he HAS been nominated 12 times.)

Since I am not going to be attending the Oscars this year, I would like to promote our own award winners, here at Coldwell Banker Spinks Brown Durand. Our company is proud to announce that we have no less than seven people who received the Professional Achievement Award from the Troup Country Board of Realtors. (This might be more familiar to you as “The Award formerly known as The Million Dollar Club.”)

Our Magnificent Seven are…..

 Jack Brown

Carter Brown

Jane Fuller

Angela Pace

Roy Spinks

Tracy Spinks

Ben Yates

 Congratulations! And if you would like to contact any of our winners to help you answer your real estate questions, you can find them in LaGrange at 706-884-5681 and in West Point at 706-643-1340.

 P.S.  The person with the most Academy Award wins ever??? Walt Disney with TWENTY-SIX OSCARS!!!

See you on the red carpet!


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