Snow Flurries.

Snow Flurries.

Snow in LaGrange 021012 

This is the view that greeted me upon arriving at work this morning. Here in Georgia we get a little excited about any amount of snowfall, no matter how small. In a normal year, I would not be working today, because if we get two snowflakes to fall simultaneously everyone runs to buy milk and bread and we shut down schools and businesses for the day and have a party. Snow is rare, folks, and we have to take advantage when we can. 

This year has been a little different. We already had several snow days in January, and we’re over it. Ready for springtime in LaGrange, this most beautiful of small Southern towns. Ready for baseball games and tennis matches and the high school Spring Concert and weekends on West Point Lake and wisteria and azaleas and daffodils and flip flops.

 And selling houses!

 My boss came in my office this morning and said, “Jamie, why don’t you write a blog about the snow? About our gearing up for a FLURRY of activity. Like snow flurries.”

 Do you think that’s cheesy? (I kind of think that’s cheesy.) But he’s the boss for a reason, and it turns out he’s exactly right.

We are gearing up for a flurry of activity, both in LaGrange and in the West Point-Valley-Lanett area, and we have a really great reason.  

 Last week, Atlanta Christian College announced that it will be moving its main campus to West Point, with the first classes planned to open during the Fall 2012 semester. Along with the move, the college will take on the new name of Point University, as it will then have locations both here in West Point and also in East Point, where the adult student program will remain. The college will also making significant expansions to its athletic offerings, including new programs in football, softball and cross country. The 2010 Atlanta Christian College baseball team won the Division II National Championship last year.

 What an awesome compliment it is to the City of West Point to be chosen as the new home for Point University and what great opportunities it will bring to our area. Congratulations to the nice folks in West Point, and welcome to the students and faculty of Point University!

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