Biking with Carter

Biking with Carter

Carter Brown, an avid biker AND realtor, has popped in to give us some info on local biking! Make sure to check out those links. He’s really gone above and beyond to give you a bike’s-eye view of the local trails!

“Home buyers today are looking for more than just a great home.  Buyers today are looking for the total package.  Recreation and amenities play a vital part in the decision on where to buy a home.  We are fortunate to have lots of great amenities in the LaGrange and West Point area.  One of the most exciting additions is the new mountain bike trails located at West Point Lake.  

With over eight miles of double and single track trails the Lake Side Trails on West Point Lake have become a designation for riders throughout the Southeast.  The trails have sections that will please the recreational rider all the way up to the hard core mountain biker. “


Trail video:

Map and directions:

Press Release:


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