Selling a Home

agentatdeskStep 1: Choose a Professional

With the seller services guarantee that Coldwell Banker offers, the seller builds confidence in Coldwell Banker services and helps them know what to expect. The seller services guarantee sets us apart from the competition.The seller services guarantee showcases the full service of Coldwell Banker by categorizing the wide range of services into areas of interest to the seller and buyer such as Marketing, Customer Service, Contract Guidance, and Financing.

Step 2: Learn the Value of Your Home

The process of determining the market value of a home is quite complex. Recent sales activity and information about similar properties currently on the market are just a few of the primary components.

Real estate professionals use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) approach to assess a home’s value: a well-executed CMA provides a sound basis for a home value discussion. Ultimately, you must decide the price to ask for your home, factoring in such issues as timeframe, mortgage pay off, and, possibly, purchase price of a new home.

Step 3: Market Your Home

Listed below are some of the benefits of choosing Coldwell Banker to assist you in the marketing of your property:

  1. Your home placed in the Multiple Listing Service
  2. Your home on, every day, until it sells
  3. Your home on this website, every day, until it sells
  4. Your home on, every day, until it sells
  5. Your home may be advertised with local publications including Areas Best Home Guide and local newspapers
  6. Signs in front of your home dispaying the recognizable logo of Coldwell Banker

Nelson_ColdwellStep 4: The Closing of Your Home

Listed below is information that may be helpful to you when your home is going to closing:

Seller closing costs

If the seller has not yet paid for the house in full, the seller’s most important closing cost is satisfying the remaining balance of their loan. Before the date of closing, the escrow officer will contact the seller’s lender to verify the amount needed to close out the loan. Then, along with any other fees, the original loan will be paid for at the closing before the seller receives any proceeds from the sale. Other seller closing costs can include:

  1. Broker’s commission
  2. Transfer taxes
  3. Documentary Stamps on the Deed
  4. Title insurance
  5. Property taxes (prorated)

Negotiating Closing Costs

In addition to the sales price, buyers and sellers frequently include closing costs in their negotiations. This can be for both major and minor fees. There’s no right or wrong way to negotiate closing costs; just be sure all the terms are written down on the purchase agreement.

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