Buying a Home


Step 1: Choose a Professional

Our full service sales associates will guide you through the entire buying process from financing to making the offer. Let us find the right professional to work with you.

Step 2: How Much Can You Afford?

Even before the house hunting begins, homebuyers need to determine how much they can afford. You’ll need to think about more than a mortgage payment to determine if you can afford a home.

Step 3: Find a Home

Once you’ve determined your budget our professional sales associate will guide you through the home selection process.

Step 4: Make an Offer

Once you find the right house, make an offer. Make sure that your offer is contingent on two items: 1) You’re able to obtain adequate financing (if you haven’t done so already), and 2) you can pull out if the property doesn’t pass the home inspection, and the owner can’t come to terms about how to fix the problem.

Step 5: Hire an Inspector

Making an offer contingent on an inspection by a registered home inspector can save thousands of dollars by avoiding unseen problems.

Step 6: Protect Your Investment

Homeowner’s Insurance: Lenders require homeowners insurance to protect the new homebuyer’s interests as well as their own. There are many providers so shop around for the best rates.Step 6: Protect Your Investment

Step 7: Closing

This is where the seller and buyer sign settlement-closing papers to transfer the ownership of the home and all transactions are finalized.

Congratulations, you achieved the American dream and you are now a homeowner!

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