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Good morning, folks!

Steven Ward 2

I’d like to introduce our newest agent, Steven Ward. Steven is coming to us from a CB affiliate in Auburn, AL and has settled here in LaGrange with his wife, Michelle. I thought it would be a good idea to have a little Q&A to let y’all get to know Steven a little better.

1. Why did you and your wife settle in LaGrange?  

I must first say LaGrange is the “biggest small town” ever!  It is the Friday night football games, the parades throughout the year, and the hospitality of locals that make our town the outstanding community that it is.  It is these things that got the attention of me and Michelle. Upon graduating from college, we had the opportunity to move elsewhere, but could not give up life in LaGrange.

2. You find an envelope taped to your car with $100 inside. How do you spend the money?

If I were to find $100 taped to my window, I would probably use it to enjoy a nice dinner and evening out with my wife.

3.  Name one piece of advice you would give all prospective homebuyers.

Determine what you can comfortably afford.  Often times, buyers see homes that have a lot of “bells and whistles”, but it doesn’t work with their price range.  This can be very disappointing for a buyer.  I recommend taking a look at your finances with a Mortgage Officer early in the process in order to determine the most comfortable price point.  This allows you to narrow your search, which makes the “shopping” process much more enjoyable!

4.       What’s the best book you ever read?

     I’m not a big reader.  However, I do enjoy a few magazines regularly…Georgia Outdoor News, Mens Health, and Money Magazine.

5.       All important question – Who’s going to win the SEC championship?

     Should I take the polls into consideration or hang in there with my favorite team?  I’ll continue supporting the Auburn Tigers…War Eagle!

If you’re interested in talking to Steven about your real estate questions, you can reach him at our LaGrange office, at 706-884-5681. Give him a call!

Biking with Carter

Carter Brown, an avid biker AND realtor, has popped in to give us some info on local biking! Make sure to check out those links. He’s really gone above and beyond to give you a bike’s-eye view of the local trails!

“Home buyers today are looking for more than just a great home.  Buyers today are looking for the total package.  Recreation and amenities play a vital part in the decision on where to buy a home.  We are fortunate to have lots of great amenities in the LaGrange and West Point area.  One of the most exciting additions is the new mountain bike trails located at West Point Lake.  

With over eight miles of double and single track trails the Lake Side Trails on West Point Lake have become a designation for riders throughout the Southeast.  The trails have sections that will please the recreational rider all the way up to the hard core mountain biker. “


Trail video:

Map and directions:

Press Release:


Kids say the darnedest things!

by Jack Brown, age 8

by Jack Brown, age 8

Today’s Blog post is not really brought to you by me. It’s really the work of Little Jack Brown, age 8. We hope to see Jack follow in the footsteps of his Dad and Grandpa and keep selling those houses into the 3rd generation!

There’s an App for US.

So…….little known fact for you all. You can get all Coldwell Banker listings on an iPod or a Blackberry. Specially formatted, even.

The new CB iPhone app.

The new CB iPhone app.

Read about it here.

Get the app in the iTunes store.

Pretty exciting, eh?

Everybody needs a Grandpa like this!

Often, as I am working on files at the front desk in our office Mr. Calvin will sit down to talk. Mr. Calvin is the Lord’s way of making up for the lack of a Grandfather during my formative years. He is the original Spinks in Spinks Brown & Durand and he is one of my favorite people on the planet.

 Even though he is officially a “Realtor Emeritus” and has the pin to prove it, every morning just after 8:00 AM, Mr. Calvin pulls into the parking lot in his green sedan. Every morning just after 8:05 AM, I realize I forgot to put the American flag into its honored place on the front of the building as he shakes his finger at me and puts up Old Glory. Oops. Mr. Calvin is 86 years old and yet my 31 year old brain is the one slowing down.


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